Oct 10, 2021

Video: How I process my film negatives using (mostly) FOSS software

I shoot film, but that doesn't mean I'm a purist. After the development stage, I'm happy to use whatever technology is available to me in order to get the best presentation out of my image. This is a video I did last month on how I scan and edit my photos using a combination of GIMP, AnalogExif and the native Epson scanning software. Specifically, this photo is for an Instagram channel that I run called Columbia Inland Pinhole. Interestingly, AnalogExif is a FOSS application that lets the user apply Exif info to film photo scans fairly easily. It hasn't had an update since about 2010 or so, but it continues to work on my (Win10) machine. I wonder how it will hold up to the next iteration of that OS.  

How are you scanning your film images?