Jul 27, 2021

Baker's Dozen: Kodak Tri-x

I recently sold off my remaining stock of Tri-x in 120 format, but I kept one roll back for my Baker's Dozen series. After this, I'm done shooting Tri-x and instead using HP5+ for my everyday 400 speed shooting. 

Pacific Surveyor. Mamiya C220, 80mm f/2.8, yellow #8 filter.

We made a trip to the Oregon Coast, right at the height of the tourist season. As such, it was difficult to get out and about very much. I had wanted to walk the entire stretch of the wharf (including getting some fish and chips from Mo's), but the foot traffic was just too much for me. Instead, I ventured out onto the docks to shoot some of the boats there. Interestingly, back in 2013, I shot a few frames of my very first roll of b/w film at this location, and even came across some of the same boats. 

Newport Harbor. Mamiya C220, 180mm f/4.5.  

My C220 started experiencing a couple of problems with this roll. One of the cover flaps over the viewer came undone at the hinge. I can't tell if it is broke or came unscrewed in some way (it's really tiny), but I now have to be extra cautious when opening it up. More seriously, the winder won't stop at the last frame, but instead keeps going. One work around I haven't tried yet is to manually stop the winding when '12' appears in the little window, and stop it at the point at which the crank usually rests. This should work, but it's a little discouraging to not have such a beautiful (and functional) camera work at 100% capacity. 

Newport Harbor. Mamiya C220, 180mm f/4.5.  

It's been fun shooting Tri-x, but the cost for new stock has me settling on HP5+. This is something I've mentioned here on this blog. It's past the time to narrow my shooting down to one or two stocks so I can get consistent results. Currently, I can buy almost three rolls of HP5+ for every two rolls of Tri-x. 

Newport Wharf. Mamiya C220, 180mm f/4.5.  

I was mostly successful with my DSLR scanning on this roll. Not everything was exactly tack sharp, and I'm finding even with 100% preview on my X-T4, it can be difficult to pinpoint the focus exactly every time. I'm working on it, though, and even these scans show a vast improvement from where I began when I first started scanning this way. Still, I'm not convinced I can't get similar results with my Epson V550 scanner. I'll need to do a side by side comparison at some point. The next roll to be scanned will be HP5+ in 35mm format. I haven't scanned 35mm format yet, so that should offer a challenge until I can make that workflow a routine for me. 

Newport Harbor. Mamiya C220, 180mm f/4.5.  That leak in the upper left corner shows up very, very occasionally with this camera. 


  1. Perfect balance of highlights and shadows in these shots.

    1. Thanks Mike. I've been working on my DSLR scanning, and I was pleased with how these turned out.


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