Mar 27, 2021

Tri-x Up for Grabs

On the off chance that the two or three readers I have on this blog are interested, I am shopping 14 rolls of Tri-x in 120 format. I'm starting to narrow down my film preferences at this point, and I just hate to have an emulsion like Tri-x just sit in my freezer unused. It expired in 2016 and 2018, but has been sealed and cold stored since new.

What am I asking for it? Good question. If expired/second hand film in this format is $5 USD a roll, that would equal out to $70. I'm not necessarily looking for cash, though. If someone out there has an item in either Canon FD or Mamiya TLR mount, I'd be willing to consider a flat out trade. I would also consider some fresh/nearly fresh film from another brand as well.  US only, and we both pay our own shipping costs. Whatcha got?




  1. That's a very generous offer, though probably more tri-x than I would likely be able to use. I also don't have anything Mamiya I'm eager to get rid of. You might consider making that offer on I picked up a paramender for the C330 there at a very reasonable price.
    I'm curious why you don't want to hold onto the Tri-X when you seem to like HP5; they seem pretty similar.

    1. It is, and it isn't. In 120 I'm really trying to narrow down the stocks I shoot to maybe two. Tri-x didn't make the cut, even though I have a lot of it right now. In 35mm format, I'm going to be less selective. Thanks for the suggestion, I'll go check out that forum.


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