Dec 7, 2020

HP5+ in November

I recently shot and processed some Ilford HP5+ in 35mm format, something I hadn't done in several months. In fact, this was the first film I'd shot and processed myself in that span of time. Between Covid and our extensive house remodel, the opportunities just haven't been there. At least, that's been my excuse. These were mostly shot in the county, within 20 miles or so of my home. And with a Canon FD 28mm f/2.8 that I picked up last spring, but am just now starting to use. I like that focal length and can well imagine some good uses for it.

I'd like to not make this the last roll for 2020. In fact, I have another roll of HP5+ that I just loaded earlier today.

The first chance I've really taken to shoot the Canon FD 28mm f/2.8 that I picked up this last year.

Gratuitous film selfie.

Anytown, USA

HP5+ doesn't play well with red filters. However, on a sunny day with some clouds, a yellow #8 filter will serve you just fine.

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