Dec 21, 2020

Directions: 2020 Rewind

2020 was a strange year, as everyone knows. Some shooters were able to take advantage of the extended downtime (voluntarily or not) and actually increased their amount of film shooting over the year. 

I was thinking that my own shooting habits had not followed this pattern. But as I look back, I was surprised at how much I did get in. I'll follow up this list with examples from Flickr.

  1. At the beginning of the year, I started the Baker's Dozen series. I had envisioned completing more of those rolls, but they will get done in due time.
  2. Tried some Ilford Ortho Plus in 120 format.  It's the right film for the right situation.
  3. Accidental double exposure on Street Pan. Shot in 2019, but processed this year. I was sad in a way because there were a lot of great opportunities on this roll. That said, there were a few cool results, though.
  4. Kentmere 400 in a February snow dusting, before the pandemic started. Before everything hit the fan. I remember just being happy that spring was right around the corner.
  5. Participated in WPPD in April. Some years I miss that date, but I managed to make this one.
  6. Did a Document Your Life roll in the spring. DYL is going to be a focus for me in 2021.
  7. Ektachrome slide film on Memorial Day weekend. This was my second roll ever, and I got some good, but not great results. Not like my first roll, which had a lot of nice frames.
  8. Lomo Metropolis on the OSU campus at graduation time.  I might shoot this stuff again some day.
  9. Two rolls of Kodak Vision 3 500T in 35mm format ordered for holiday shooting in December. I probably won't get it shot and processed in time for this post, but it's on the way.

1. Baker's Dozen:

 Hatch Grade Road 


2. Ilford Ortho:



3. Accidental Double Exposure: 

JCH Double (36) 


4. February snow:

 Kentmere 400 


5. WPPD:

 WPPD 2020 


6. Document Your Life: 



7. Ektachrome:

 Ektachrome - Memorial Weekend 2020 


8. Lomo Metropolis at OSU: 

Lomo Metropolis at Oregon State University

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  1. That's an impressive list of accomplishments for a difficult year. Your example inspired me to go back and look at my own performance and I feel a bit better about it.


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