Dec 15, 2020

Baker's Dozen #3: Ilford HP5+

Next up on our hit parade of b/w film stocks in medium format, none other than Ilford's super popular HP5+. I was roaming around the back roads where I live and hadn't anticipated the mid afternoon winter sun coming out the way it did on this particular December afternoon. Luckily, I had my C220 and my project film along with me for the ride. I swung by a familiar haunt (literally and figuratively) and spent a few minutes at the Finnish Cemetery. The sun was creating some cool, long shadows that I tried to take advantage of. 

I didn't have a meter with me, so I just Sunny 16'ed the entire roll. I think I underguessed the exposures (if that's a word), so I gave it about an extra half to two-thirds stop in development. Effectively, the roll was shot at ISO 640, but it probably didn't make that much of a difference in the end.

It felt good to get one more Baker's Dozen roll in before the end of the year. I don't really have an end date for this particular project, just whenever I can get them done. Most of the rolls are either expiring or have long expired.  

This location has a lot of potential, and I believe there are some more photographs here to be had. I'm happy to revisit under different circumstances to see what else I can get.

Even though this cemetery seldom gets used for its original purpose, there are frequent visitors to the gravesites. Many of these people are held in high esteem of their families.

The Visitor. Long shadows were the theme of the day with this roll.

This tree always intrigues me whenever I visit this cemetery. It's an old locust tree and sits at a 45 degree angle. That must have been a crazy wind to lean it over like that.

Historical cemeteries tell stories about the community they serve. Sometimes those stories are quite sad.


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  1. That's a good performing fast film at a reasonable price. I still haven't figured out the best processing yet, but have gotten respectable results with several of my usual developers.


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