Apr 24, 2020

Three Images

I started a roll of Ilford HP5+ at ISO 1600 last November. I meant to get it finished up some time over the winter, but things happened and it was last Sunday before I got it done. It's amazing how much the world has changed in those five months.

Utility truck, somewhere in Northeastern Oregon. Shot with fisheye adapter. 

Empty swimming pool in Corvallis, Oregon.

My wife's Thanksgiving table setting. This really needs to be shot in color, so next year it will be Ektachrome and a tripod. 

Apr 19, 2020

JCH Streetpan Double Exposure

The Coronavirus and some non-life threatening medical issues over the past few months have prevented me from shooting or processing much film. So, I managed to finish up a roll of JCH Streetpan and get it developed the other night. Turns out I had shot right on top of a roll that was exposed a year or so ago. I'm not sure how that roll got mixed in with my fresh film stash, but here we are. It's a good thing I've got several rolls left of this film, because otherwise I would be REALLY disappointed. As it is, I lost some good frames.

On the  other hand, a few of the images are pretty cool. Here are a few that stand out to me.

You can see the entire, 36-frame roll on my Flickr album here:

JCH Streetpan Double Exposure