Nov 13, 2019

Tri-x pushed to 1600

I'm normally an Ilford guy, but I do have a few boxes of Tri-x in 120 format in my freezer. It had been forever since I last shot it, and even longer since I'd pushed it at all, so I thought this weekend with not much going on would be the perfect time to break it out again. I really couldn't get out, so I just picked some subjects in and around our house. Nothing special, I just wanted to blow through this film in a relatively short amount of time.

I ended up souping in d-76 1:1, and I think I would have got better shadow detail by going with that developer in stock solution, undiluted. That said, negatives looked pretty good, although I did have one frame that was unusable because of so little information was on it.

I really do need to remember that I've got this at my disposal when I need it. Although I swore off Tri-x in 35mm because it's so difficult to scan (the negatives curl profusely), it lays quite flat in 120 format. In fact, I can't tell the difference between that and anything made by Ilford that I've ever processed.

Would I have got more shadow details in the front of that rock with stock d-76?

I think the tones are really nice here.

I was surprised at the detail I could see in the darker areas of this image. In the negative, it's difficult to see anything at all.

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