Nov 27, 2019

Baker's Dozen: Prologue

In 2014, I took possession of a box with a wide variety of rolls of black and white film in 120 format. It jump started my journey into the world of medium format film photography. While I have shot most of that box since then, I've also spent the last 5 years replacing it with...a variety of rolls of 120 film. And although you wouldn't know it by looking at this blog, I've shot quite a bit of it over the course of this year. But, I just haven't been writing as much about it. Time to change all of that.

13th roll is TBA.
My new personal blogging project  is called 'Baker's Dozen' in which I shoot the rolls you see pictured above.  Most of the Ilfords are represented here, along with some JCH StreetPan and some Rollei AGFA that I bought on a whim.  Also in the mix are some Acros in both 100 and 400 speeds, both of which I had forgotten that I had in my possession. Both the Acros and the Neopan are expired but have been frozen since I got them.  I'm also throwing in a roll of Tri-x to go with it, the only yellow package in the group. Conspicuously absent are Kodak TMAX in any of the three speeds. I've just never had super good luck with TMAX for some reason. Also not making the list are anything by Kentmere, Ultrafine or Lomography. I'm just trying to steer clear of anything rebranded or more budget oriented. No offense to anyone who shoots those brands. Yes, I realize the JCH is a rebranded something, but just work with me here.

This won't be a review series, comparison between emulsions, etc... My goal is to simply shoot, develop and post a wide variety in the coming months. It's just a project for this blog.

A 'Baker's Dozen' means thirteen, so I'll throw in an extra roll of something else along the way that I haven't decided on just yet.  Maybe another Ilford or just something else entirely. We shall see.

What are we using to shoot these? At my house, there are two options for medium format: A Mamiya C220 TLR and a Zero Image 618 pinhole.  I expect to use both to one degree or another for this project.


  1. Neopan 400 is a fantastic film. ��

    1. I have another couple of rolls just like it, all expired in 2009 but frozen since about 2013.


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