Mar 14, 2019

My Purple Summer

One of my favorite unique and idiosyncratic film emulsions to shoot is Lomography Purple. This is a 100-400 speed film type with a unique color palette that leans toward purple in the green/yellow/orange areas, and toward cyan in the blue and purple areas. That said, results are often unpredictable, which lends itself toward a certain serendipity when you finally see the scans and prints.

White River Falls isn't much of a waterfall at the height of summer.

Last summer, I shot a roll of Lomo Purple around Eastern Oregon, as far west as Rowena Crest and as far east as The Oregon Trail Interpretive Center in Baker City. And a few points in between.

That's an abandoned hydroelectric facility down there, unused since about 1960.
The view out my back window during summer.
Rowena curves. Part of the old Columbia River Highway.
Looking east from Rowena Crest.
Looking across the river toward Lyle, Washington.
Dry Canyon Creek Bridge on the old Columbia River Highway.
Another view of the Rowena Curves
A covered wagon at the Oregon Trail Interpretive Center. I don't remember the exact color of the gravel just underneath the wagon, but it turned purple on this film.
My wife and grandson on the Oregon Trail. Yes, those are real ruts from 160 years ago.
I've also got some prints that I'll scan and share at some point.

Lomo Purple - this batch, anyway - has been sold out for some months, but as of this writing (Jan 2019) they have allowed some pre-orders for the next one. It's supposed to be out in April. I've got my pre-order in for 5 35mm rolls, and I might try to swap somebody for a couple of 120 rolls. 

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