Jan 2, 2018

2018 Directions

First of all, Happy New Year, everybody. I hope your holiday season has been good to you this year. 2017 was a bit of an off year in terms of how much I was able to get out and shoot, and in particular taking advantage of some seasons. This next year looks to be better for me in that regard.

My first post of the last couple of Januarys has been to discuss the path I want my film photography to take in the upcoming year. Looking back, some of my items succeed, while others go by the wayside, or postponed for another time. The year 2017 was no different, nor will 2018 likely be either. So here are my thoughts about my film endeavors for this year:

  • I plan on saving my best negatives and having some prints made of them at Blue Moon Camera in Portland. As of this writing, 5x6 prints are only $0.80 USD apiece, so not bad if you just get a few of them done at a time. It's not much more to print from a 120 negative. Film is meant to be a tactile experience; the end product should be as well.
  • With four different kinds of black and white 35mm film bulk loaded and in the freezer, I need to shoot a lot more of it. "Shoot more film this year" seems like a cliche, but specifically I need to shoot the film I've got rather than keep buying more. 
  • And to contradict my 2nd bullet above, I'd like to add some color film to the freezer. That Kodak Vision 3 50D from FPP would work great. I'm getting more comfortable developing my own c-41 film. 
  • Or how about some Eastman Double-X 5222 black and white film?  That's available in bulk as well.
  • I've been neglecting my pinhole camera lately, so it's time to get that back out and see what I can do with it. 
  • And to combine the first, third and fifth bullet, I've seen some nice color pinhole prints when the film is exposed, developed and printed properly. With some Lomo Purple, Ektar, Fuji 160 NS (fresh, purchased locally) and Portra. 
So as always, I'm looking forward to enjoying 2018 with some film, getting out and enjoying this big world of ours. Happy New Year, everybody. 

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