May 17, 2017

Forgotten Roll

I bulk load almost all of my 35mm film these days, so I'm occasionally at risk of holding a blank, unmarked cassette of exposed film and wondering where it came from. Such was the case the other day.  Is it Delta 100?  Is it PanF+?  Who knows! Good thing I had some Rodinal on hand to help me out. Turns out it was indeed the Delta 100.

Forgotten Fall

I had forgotten the story of this roll, but began to put the pieces together as I looked at each scan. This was last autumn, well after the colors had come and gone, but well before the first of those snow storms hit our region.

One for the Road

It was a random trip out to the Columbia River and the McNary Dam, just about a ten minute drive from where I live. This might have even been two or three trips, as I seem to remember wanting to get some shooting in before the weather turned for the worse. The light was hitting the atmosphere just right after I got off work.

Forgotten Fall #2

I think what attracts me to film is that the memories of that story are embedded in that strip of emulsive material, just waiting to be unlocked when I give the word. I can't erase them. I can choose to not scan and share a frame here and there, but they're there just the same. They're a part of whatever was in view of my eyes and my heart at that time.

The Dry Season
I've never felt the need to give justification for shooting film, but there it is. My upcoming summer is going to consist of mostly black and white film, some 35mm and some 120 pinhole. And perhaps a few frames from a TLR if I can get it operating correctly again.

County Line
Here's to summer.

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