Dec 27, 2016

A Very Pinhole Christmas

We had a much more festive Christmas Day than these pinhole images might suggest. That said, I did like some of the anamolies and general weirdness that this thing created. A few more notes:

  • Tri-x and Rodinal aren't good friends. Stand developed, anyway. That's some ugly grain.  I need to replace my gram scale so that I can start mixing d-76 again. 
  • A difference of 5 or 10 minutes in exposure time really means nothing in this scenario. That's a testament to the wide latitude of Tri-x and the developing characteristics of Rodinal. 
  • I'm still getting used to the perspective shift that occurs with pinhole. Note the table cloth pattern below, and how the distortion increases at the lower edge of the image. I need to start using that to my advantage.
  • 6x6 on this particular model is more like 6x7-ish. Nothing else on this thing is exact, I don't see why frame size should be. 
  • In the "just because you can, doesn't mean you should" category:  Wide, panoramic images, 6x12, 6x18 are probably better shot with something that has a curved plane. The light falloff at the outer edges of those sizes are immense on a Zero Image. 
  • Can't wait until I can get out and shoot my next roll. 
Here are all 12 images from our Christmas Day:

Christmas ghosts.

When we watch TV, our TV is watching us back. 

This was a 20 minute exposure.  

15 minutes really is too long to show hand motion in a clock. I'll need to get it down to 2-3 and get in closer for a better effect. Still, the pendulum motion came out pretty cool. 

I tried to place that snowman a lot more prominently in the image. I'm still learning perspective with this thing. 

Wouldn't you know it, the glare from the window was right on Santa. Oh well. 

Getting the table ready for Christmas dinner. Note how the perspective changes the closer you get to the camera. 

Last frame. Some lingering snow in our back yard. More perspective commentary: This makes it look like we have a bigger back yard than we actually do. You'd be surprised at how close that fence actually is when you look out this window. 

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