Jan 6, 2016

2016 Directions

I've been about this film business for about three years now. As the door has closed on 2015 and opened on 2016, I've given some thought as to what this year could look like for my photography output. That goes for both film and digital.

I found myself doing a lot of portraits in 2015, far more than I had intended. There were 10 seniors alone on my list, which is actually a big year for me. Especially considering that I didn't really set out to be a portrait guy until I started getting asked a few years ago. All that said, where do I want to put the bulk of my creative energies? And how much film (and what kinds) vs. how much digital?  Here are some of my guiding thoughts as I begin to map out a 2016 shooting season:
  • At least two trips to the Palouse, one in May, one TBD. I've got a 400mm reserved for the May trip.  The Palouse region of Washington State is only a couple of hours from where I live in NE Oregon, but I don't get there near enough. I've got some Velvia 50 set aside and a warming filter just for the purpose. 
  • More chrome film in general. Fuji has a habit of removing stocks without warning, so I should buy up some of their E-6 and shoot it while I still can. 
  • More local trips, especially to close-by Hat Rock. I'd like to do a seasonal series there. That was the location of my very first photo trip with my new dslr back in 2008. I haven't been back for landscapes much lately, and I need to change that. 
  • A trip to the Alvord Desert in SE Oregon, probably mid to late June. 
  • Black and white film: I'm on my last brick of 35mm Tri-x. As much as I like this particular stock, I'm finding that I'm not in a hurry to replace it. I have a few boxes of it in 120, which will be plenty for now. Do I shoot more 120 and less 35mm?  That remains to be seen. I might take another look at TMAX, or at one or two of the Ilford stocks. 
  • Fewer portraits. I'm not going to turn anyone down who asks, but I'm not necessarily going to go out and pound the pavement for them. I'm honored every time somebody asks me; it's just not going to be a major part of what I do this year.
And tying it all back to film (which is the purpose of this blog), I want to be more purposeful in what gets committed to film in 2016. With an eye toward printing, optical or otherwise. Here are a couple of locations that I've mentioned that I'd like to shoot on film in 2016:


Alvord Sunset

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